June 14, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Vaccination drive for senior journalists and their families

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Agartala: Apr 12: All journalists and their family members over the age of 45 were vaccinated at Agartala Press Club today.Health department take the initiative to provided the vaccine throughout the day. Sidhartha Shib Jaiswal, chief of National Health Protection Mission  along with Agartala Press Club president Subal Kumar Dey and others present at the programme. Jaiswal said that the role of journalists in the Corona situation is very significant. Journalists have delivered the right news to the people at the right time, they playing a special role in making people aware. He said 18% of the people in the state have been vaccinated so far. He also urged people to follow the government guidelines and get the vaccine within the stipulated time.

Speaking on the occasion President of Agartala Press Club Subal Kumar Dey, said that the journalists of the state have been faithfully performing their duties as frontline fighter. As frontline fighters, it is imperative that all journalists be vaccinated. Last year, a 31 year old journalist died by corona .  Therefore, those journalists were working in the field, they were in high risk. Most of the journalists below the age of 45 have been working tirelessly in the field. So he demanded that vaccines be provided for those journalists.  

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