July 30, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Promise to always be around with the people of Tripura: Sudip Roy Barman

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Agartala: June 11: We almost have certainly heard about the rising issues regarding health conditions in our country these days, with the system being actually hampered due to the increase in the coronavirus cases since the second wave of the pandemic. Some people have been capable of actually making sure that they get all the benefits from health facilities, and some people have been trying to do so but have not been successful since it is a health facility that is not actually concerned about them. One such similar incident took place in Tripura today their of father lost his daughter as she succumbed to the disease and to the incompetence ofAgartala GB Hospital.

For quite some time now since the cases have been rising, Uttam Sen along with his daughter Ankita Sen of Baspara, Belonia Area have been suffering with the disease. Eventually the daughter developed a particular stomach ache which did not go away for certain days, and after finally shifting from one hospital to Agartala GB hospital they were denied proper treatment. Although Mr Sen continued to request the doctors to give her some immediate attention, such facilities were denied and the same medicines which were used in the previous hospital were being used to treat the girl.

After a lot of persuasion from Mr Sen, the doctors finally agreed to go through an ultrasonography, the results of which showed that indeed she had a lot of water collecting in her stomach and she had also developed a particular kind of infection which should have been treated earlier. As she was immediately admitted and shifted in the intensive care unit, the surgical doctor arrived and announced her dead after 2 hours to the most. The news had absolutely broken Mr Uttam Sen down because he was certainly not expecting the death of his little girl, it was more than devastating on his part and it was very irresponsible of the hospital staff members along with the doctors to have not taken immediate action even upon continuous request from the family. This proves the inefficiency of this hospital in particular, exposing the facilities which have been very poor in nature.

After that the MrSudipRayBurman decided to visit the family to give them condolences on the death of a young one, who could have grown up to become an important individual. Mr Burman has always been generous and kind. After his visit he has promised to continue to stay by his people till the end of time, even Mr Uttam Sen admitted that,

“If you would have been the health minister today, this would not have happened and my daughter would have been alive and healthy”

With such a positive outlook in mind, Mr Sudip Roy Burman stresses over the importance of people’s health conditions and health facilities which are being provided with to the citizens.

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