May 12, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Mewar Jamatia land scam: 5th day of Assembly

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Agartala: Mar 25: The opposition party members sought a high-level investigation into allegations that the State’s Forest Minister Mewar Kumar Jamatia had sought allotment of a large expanse of forest land in his name.

The minister rejected the allegations outright and announced that he would step down if he flouted the law at any level. MLAs of opposition raised the issueafter the question hour, citing report published in a local daily news paper, they raised slogans against the state government.

 However, at the end of the session, BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman questioned the opposition to explain how the scandal happened, the opposition could not assemble a strong reply. Barman said that the Forest Minister did not manipulate or influence the officials. There is no evidence of where the scandal took place.

Opposition leaders raised the issue based on a local daily news paper story,”Forest Minister involved in land scam”, and they demanded a statement from the Chief Minister. Revenue Minister N C Debbarma informed the Assembly that no such land  been allotted to anyone.

However, speaking at a press conference, opposition leader Badal Choudhury claimed that the forest ministers was trying to take over the forest land by exerting influence. He further said that there was evidence that the forest minister had applied for a land settlement. Opposition leader Badal Choudhury demanded his resign immediately.Similiarly Forest Minister Mewar Kumar Jamatia dismissed all allegations levelled against him in front of journalists.

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