July 30, 2021


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Forest department must works to protect trees in the forest with the help of JFMC in Tripura

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Udaipur, Jun 13.On the evey of World Environment Day, one day before on Friday a source of forest department, Government of Tripura has said that the department is trying to protect forest in order to maintain the ecological balance of the state with the help of Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMC) but it is very difficult to maintain it with proper manner because the high officials who are actually coming from out side to serve here as an administrator in Tripura, they use illegal way to collect forest wood to make furnitures for their own house. The illegal activities of high officials may make problem to conserve valuable trees in the forest. 

The forest experts said the state Tripura was popular for it’s forest resources but this time it has observed that the trees are declining in the forest and there are different reasons. The experts of forest department said, “There are a good numbers of rubber plantations on government land and the department of forest is trying to restrict the rubber plantation in case of government land which is occupying by people without any government documents. The government of Tripura provides the ownership of forest land to land less tribal people but the tribal people are using this land to do rubber plantation without any permission. There is a road called NH8 and there are many forest trees,  observed beside NH8. Though the forest of valuable trees are being observed beside NH8 but there are many examples of illegal trees cutting activities for wood in the conserve forest areas. There are also lack of valuable trees in deep forest areas due to illegal destruction of trees in the state Tripura”.

“As there is not any more opportunities for the people of the state Tripura, the people were doing rubber plantation and they also used to make rubber trees garden on government land which land has occupied by the people without any documents. The rubber plantation losses the natural environment of forest and the ecosystem of forest is also damaged due to rubber plantation. The forest animals are coming here in the residential areas of the people to get food because there is lack of fruit trees in the forest due to rubber plantation in the forest areas. The animal like monkey is common in the residential areas in search of their food. The elephants are also coming in the plain land area from forest to get food and the group of elephants also come to paddy land areas for collecting their food. In the Bilonia, Amarpur, Sabroom and other areas, the farmers are doing duty with fire at night to protect their crop like paddy from the attack of elephants. This kind of situation has occurred here three to five years ago in the state and this condition indicates the serious loss of trees in the forest”, said a source of forest department at Bagma area.

“It is a good idea of government in Tripura to provide land for land less tribal people but there are many things to consider by the government for the development of tribal. As land less tribal people are not getting any skill to start the agricultural activities on allotted land, the tribal people use to take a certain amount of money from others after giving land as leas. There is not any permission of government to do rubber gardening after getting land allotment from government but the tribal people are doing rubber plantation illegally on their allotted land. These activities are also important reasons for declining trees in the forest land”, said Sargamoni Jamatiya, a tribal educated person.

“Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC) is also important to conserve forest and a total of 124 numbers JFMC are being reported in the Udaipur Subdivision of Gomati District. The members are not getting any knowledge of JFMC even the members don’t know the main objectives of JFMC in the state Tripura. As the JFMC members are not getting any benefit from JMFC, the members are not showing their interest for the construction of forest and all”, said Ranimati Tripura, a member of JFMC at Bishramgang area under Sepahijala District.

“There is also lack of agro-forestry in the state Tripura. The agri-forestry is very important for getting benefits of forest because the concept of agro-forestry is very helpful for fooders of animals, fruits, grass for animal husbandry development like cow farming and the economic development of the people. The concept of agro-forestry has developed in Udaipur area but a numbers of latent reasons among the forest department officers, the system of agro-forestry in the teeth of several constraints”, said Ramu Sarkar, a member of JFMC under Bagma forest office area.

According to the environmental scientists’ suggestions, the department of forest in Tripura must take a action plan for the construction of forest with proper ideas in order to reconstruction of forest. The government must launch attractive schemes to start fruit garden for valuable fruits like jackfruit, pineapple, mango and others. The government must take proper way to make tribal people as skillful for agricultural activities on their allotted land. The government can also launch some beneficiary schemes for the promotion of fruits based forest. There is very important to increase awareness regarding agro-forestry because this type of forest is very essential for maintaining the ecological balance of forest as well as rising the income for marginal sections of people in the state Tripura.

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