June 14, 2021


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COVID-19 active patients fleed from PRTI Ambassa

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Agartala: May 11: The active patient with corona escaped from the corona treatment center again. The incident took place at Ambasa PRTI. Police arrested 7 of the fugitives and brought them back. There have been rumors about how corona-affected workers from outside the state escaped through police security.

After the PRTI at AD Nagar, several patients with corona escaped from Ambasa PRTI this time. They were able to escape at Monday night, evading tight security. However, administrative officials, including the police, are keeping their mouth shut on the statistics of the fugitive Corona infected patients. The health official did not want to share more.

It is learned that at Ambasa railway station, passengers coming by train from outside the state are tested for covid like other stations. This test is going on continuously. Arrangements were made to keep the positive patients in Ambassa PRTI Covid Health Center for treatment. Sources said that 25 patients with corona escaped from the Ambassa PRTI. They broke the grill at the back of the PRTI building and fled.

Sources said that each of them is a resident of other state. While police could not say exactly how many escaped, police sources claimed that 7 people had been apprehended from Ambassa railway station. The others  are  fugitives. Fugitives patients with corona are known to be  workers come from other state. They come to Ambasa to work for the tower company.

Dhalai district Additional SP Kallol Roy, Ambassa sub-divisional police officer Ashish Das Gupta, Ambassa police station OC Himadri Sarkar and a large police force rushed to the spot. The news of the escape of an active patient with corona from Covid Treatment Center caused a stir.

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