September 24, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Water woes hit Reang dominated Adi Deben­dra Para.

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​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Ampi, Apr 08:  The Reang dominated Adi Debendra Para locat­ed about 12 km away from Ampi nagar RD block under Gumati di­strict is always in trouble for water cr­isis. This mountaino­us village which is situated on high mou­ntains adjacent Doct­or Singh Para is suf­fering too much for water crisis in last many decades. This Reang communal people are always been ig­nored by the adminis­tration. Malindra Re­ang, Dasaram Reang, Panchaiham Reang and many others of the village said, “Our poor Reang inhabitants are fully dependant on natural water sources for bathing, washing & drinking throughout the years since the monarchy system. We vote every time but we did not get the water facil­ity till the date. Our simple Reang comm­unity people are some how managing our​ water requirement from natural sources all the years. But in dry and rainy seas­ons we ​ have to face great problem to collect our drinking water from far off places. During rainy season all the natur­al sources become tu­rbid with dirty rain water. In the other hand in dry season all sources dry up gradually in the cour­se of time. All poli­tical leaders appeal us for vote but all have ignored us to provide water amenit­y”. The political le­aders visit them bef­ore the election to impress them by tell­ing all kinds of mea­ningless expectations and after the elec­tion they never turn back to see their problems of these hel­pless Reang people, said the villagers. Reportedly Doctor Si­ngh Para got a sanct­ion of DWS project to install in their village about three years back but in spi­te of DWS project in­stallation these vil­lagers are deprived to get water due to pipe line extension till the date. Malin­dra said that the Am­pi nagar DWS authori­ty did not extend pi­pe line properly to reach water to the villagers. About 40 families in Adi Deben­dra Para totally dep­rived from water ame­nity from that insta­lled project for not having pipe line co­nnectivity with Adi Debendra Para. The Ampi nagar department­al branch did not ex­tend proper pipe line connectivity to th­is village to supply drinking water to these Reang families.​ So as a result for not having any alt­ernative option the Reang villagers use germy water for drin­king, cooking, bathi­ng and other househo­ld activities everyd­ay. Villagers said, the Reang women walk long distance to co­llect their essential water every day by spending much time which is too much tr­oublesome for them. In this dry season there are few natural drinking water sour­ces are remained in the entre village wh­ich are already beca­me turbid and muddy for over utility by the​ villagers. Tri­bal ladies make line to collect water and bear water pots ho­me on foot with great toil. In the other hand village cattle also drink water fr­om this same natural sources which are not safe at all for human health. The chi­ldren of the village always suffer from dysentery, diarrhea and other intestinal diseases throughout the years. The conc­erned DWS authority should visit this vi­llage to observe the situation and take proper step to solve the drinking water crisis of this helpl­ess villagers immedi­ately, demanded the local Reang people of Adi Debendra Para.

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