October 26, 2021


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Wall painting in urban areas for the purpose of public awareness of Swacha Bharat Mission

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Wall painting in urban areas for the purpose of public awareness of Transparent India Mission

Agartala: Apr 01: The IEC activities organized by Swacha Bharat  Mission are painting walls in urban areas of the state for public awareness. As a result of the tireless work of the painters of the state, the city has become brighter and more beautiful.

Dr. Sandeep N Mahatme, Director, Urban Development Department, informed that the program has been started in the state from January this year. So far, 2,49,002  square feet have been painted on various walls in twenty urban areas of the state.

These activities will be further expanded in every city in the state in the near future.

As a result, many young men and women and painters are taking part in the programme. They are able to present different types of paintings to the public for awareness.

He further said that the program has been implemented in the entire Agartala Municipal Corporation, Rani Bazar municipal area, Mohanpur, Jirania Nagar Panchayet, Dharmanagar Pura porisad, Panisagar Nagar Panchayet, Koilasahar Pura Porisadn Kumarghat Pura porisad, Ambassa pura porisad, Kamalpur Nagar Panchayet, Khowai pura porisad, Teliamura Pura porisad, Bishalgarh, Melagarh, Sonamura, Udaipur, Amarpur, Belonia, Sabroom Nagar Panchayet and Shantirbazar Pura porisad.

He said that various public awareness eco-friendly slogans have been used on the walls of twenty cities in the state in the program, the main theme of which is Make  Best Tripura.

He hopes that the paintings across the walls in the urban areas of the state will not only enhance the beauty of the city but also play a significant role in raising public awareness.

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