September 24, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Tipura Royal Scion cast his vote at Mandai

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Agartala: Apr 06: Maharaja Pradyut Kishore Debbarman stood in line and cast his vote like a common man at Abhiram Kumud Senior Basic School in Mandai today. While speaking with NeIndia, he said that he was completely optimistic about the TIPRA party team’s victory.
He added that the CPM would get ten percent of the vote. Pradyut is skeptical about whether the IPFT will get any votes.
But he also said that if the IPFT wants to deal with the Tipra party after the vote, he would welcome them.
In some places, there have been reports of trouble in polling station. In response, he said that the miscreants will not be able to stop 6 lakh voters in any way. Tripura people know who to vote for and they will vote and Pradyut is hopeful that they will win.

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