September 21, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Tipra Motha won the 23 ADC seat in Ampi.

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Amarpur, Apr 10:  The vic­tory of the 23rd ADC seat of Ampi nagar has been snatched by Tipra Motha organiz­ation. The Tipra Mot­ha candidate Sadagar Kalai has conquered the 23 ADC seat here in Ampi nagar, Gum­ati Tripura. There was a big difference of vote achievement between the Tipra Mo­tha candidate Sadagar Kalai & IPFT candi­date Janakhari Jamat­ia. Sadagar Kalai got about 1500 votes more. He total got 90­84 votes and his riv­al IPFT candidate Ja­nakhari Jamatia obta­ined 7539 votes. The enthusiasm & excite­ment have been found amidst the Tipra Mo­tha supporters just after receiving the good news. No any ki­nd of unexpected inc­idence has been found in Ampi nagar; the environment is peac­eful and normal.

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