September 24, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

There is misgovernance in BJP rule: Manik Sarkar

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Agartala: June 27: According to the data collected from June 16 to June 25, 2019, several people have died in jail custody in the state. The government has not mentioned what steps it has taken to deal with such incidents and what action it has taken against those families. It is a failure of the government. Opposition leader Manik Sarkar alleged that it was not the role of responsible government.

The last three years have seen a sharp decline in law and order in the state, said Sarkar.

Despite making demands to the police, the police are not taking any neutral action, it is not just the opinion of the opposition, this is also the opinion of well-meaning people. The social system has collapsed. So the government is being called to take appropriate action. Opposition leader Manik Sarkar said this at a press conference on Sunday afternoon. He said there were more than 200 physical attacks in the state from March to June 26.  On May 12, a deligation team met with Governor Ramesh Baish and informed him about the terrorand they demanded for terror free state. Bais assured that there would be no political terror in the state from June 13 he talk to the Chief Minister and the Director General of Police about terrorism. But it has been seen that even after the assurance of the governor, there have been 70-75 terrorist incidents in the state so far. There have been 152 financial attacks such as looting. 4-5 political party offices have been attacked.

But in the event of such an attack, the people of the state are losing their right to work independently. Being attacked for giving deputations, being attacked for speaking against the government, being attacked for doing social programs in cowardly situations. People are not taking these well. Opposition leader Manik Sarkar said people would respond.

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