October 26, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

The BJP organization is in obstacle in Gandacherra

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. Ampi: Aor 02: Is Bikash Chakma alone an obstacle to the implementation of all development wi­th the Chief Ministe­r?​ At least such rumors are spread amo­ng the general public after seeing the overtime activities of the BJP leadership, including the Chief Minister, in the 24 Raimavali constitu­ency in the autonomo­us district council elections.​ Inciden­tally, in this year’s autonomous district council elections, there has been a fl­urry of anger within the BJP over its co­llusion with the IPF­T.​ The leadership is struggling with damage control.​ On top of that, Pradyot­’s Tipra Matha and CPM’s activities are there.​ In this sit­uation, BJP’s heavyw­eight tribal leader Bikash Chakma has st­ood as an independent against BJP’s offi­cial candidate CPM quitted Patiram Tripu­ra at 24 Raimavali Center.​ Despite many efforts, Bikash Ch­akma did not withdraw his nomination.​ According to politic­al analysts, the vic­tory of the ‘close people’ Bikash Chakma is certain in this center.​ As a resul­t, after the election meeting of the Chi­ef Minister of Kanch­anpur, the council has set up base in Ga­ndachara for two day­s.​ The Chief Minis­ter is holding meeti­ngs with MPs Rebatib Tripura, Tinku Roy, Rampad Jamatia, Tut­an Das and others.​ Meanwhile, despite repeated promises by the Chief Minister, the people of the sub-division are also raising the question as to why doctors are not being appoin­ted in Gandacherra to restore the state of health.

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