June 14, 2021


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No prosperity in hil­ly ADC areas, villag­ers in deprivation.

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No prosperity in hil­ly ADC areas, villag­ers in deprivation.

Ampi: Apr 01: The fate of the peo­ple of hilly areas of Tripura have not changed even under the BJP rule like the long communist-led Left regime. After the formation of the ADC areas, the hilly habitations of the indigenous people of Tripura have been under the control of the Communists since 1985. But in the hilly areas, both the rules remain the same. Salka Para, Doctor Singh Para, Ba­ta Para, Ruhida Para, Gandek etc Reang, Kaipeng and Molsom dominated habitations under Ampi nagar RD block are the worst victims in this Hera era. Gandek Para is suffering for drin­king water facility and dilapidated road connectivity for ye­ars. Salka Para has no water management. The box culvert of Salka Para had been collapsed many years ago, no initiative for preparing. Anoth­er box culvert colla­psed infront of Agape English Medium Sch­ool in Gamaku where school children are facing problem in ev­ery day. Due to dila­pidated road conditi­on in Bata Para, Doc­tor Singh Para the Reang villagers are always in troubles. A large number of poor indigenous people are living in broken and damaged thatches in Salka Para, Bata Para, Doctor Singh Para and other back­wards areas in Gumati district. No IAY houses have been prov­ided them till the date. Allegedly, the double-engine Tripura government has not been able to do much for the development of the ADC areas, even though the ruli­ng party of Tripura has been in power si­nce 2018. When the government was form­ed, the BJP IPFT pro­mised to make Tripura a diamond state wi­th a change in the fate of the people of the hilly areas of Tripura. But even though the BJP coali­tion government came to power with a huge majority, the fate of the people has not changed at all. Every hilly area is in deprivation of go­vt. amenities. In 20­18, the left era came to an end and the diamond era started under the leadership of BJP. But alleg­ations have surfaced that today the peop­le of the hilly areas are becoming more deprived and oppress­ed in the diamond ki­ngdom. Party leaders visit those depriv­ed areas just before the election and mo­tivate the innocent indigenous villagers by stating all false hopes & assurance; after coming into power they forget them very shortly. Comp­laints, despite the change of government, the plight of the people in the hilly areas remains the sa­me as it was before. There is no change in the hope of imp­roving the living st­andards of the helpl­ess and destitute pe­ople in the hilly & mountainous areas. Complaints have been made in the face of ADC vote, Achchedin and Bikash, Bam and Hira are all nothi­ng but fiction. The people of the hilly areas are also hea­ring the promise of development in the face of this year’s ADC election.

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