September 24, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Minor rape: 8 youth arrested

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Agartala: Mar 30: The joy of Holi has faded in the Champahawar area of the state. 8 youths arrested for rape 2 minor girl.

According to details, eight youths took two minors to a deep forest in Kathiar area of Champahawar, a remote area of Khowai district, last evening. 2 minors came out of the house with 8 youth whom they known, for the joy of Holi.

8 The youth took turns raping them all night long. 2 minors were repeatedly losing consciousness due to the brutality of 8 youth but still they could not escape from the cruelty of them.

Due to cruel brutality 2 minors fainted again and again, finally thinking they were dead, the accused left them in the forest and fled.When the minors regained consciousness around 2.30 pm, they somehow returned home.

After that their family members  rushed to the police station of Champahawar and after receiving the information OC Shukramani Debbarma immediately went down to investigate the incident with a huge police force.

He raided the house at around 5.30 am and arrested the 6 accused. They are Jagu Debbarma, Bimal Debbarma, Mickel Debbarma, Rishit Debbarma, Nitish Debbarma, Soyel Debbarma. After their arrest, the whole matter was interrogated.

The accused were taken to Khowai police station as safe custody.

The OC Shukramani Debbarma then arrested two more youths on charges of gang-rape, Biresh Debbarma, Bikash Debbarma according to information provided to them.A 10-day remand application was filed against them in the court. The court granted remand to 8 accused.

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