September 24, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Maha Baruni Bathing

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Koilasahar: Apr 09: The 18th Mahabaruni Bathing Festival has been completed today at the initiative of Sri Sri Radhamurlidhar Sebashram. The overall cooperation was provided by the Srirampur Baruni Bathing Committee.

This committee has been working for the last two years to make the bathing festival beautiful. MLA Bhagwan Das was present as the chief guest and invited social workers at this year’s function. Bilbamangal Goswami, Principal of Sri Sri Radhamurlidhar Sebashram discusses the source of bathing. The bathing committee applied to the MLA for construction of “Barunighat and Kirtan Angan”. The MLA in his speech welcomed the bathing festival. He said this bathing festival is the pride of Unkoti district. However, he assured that the place will continue to prosper before the bathing trip next year. It may be mentioned here that on the thirteenth day of Madhukrishna, on this occasion, about 250 devotees brought Gopal Vigraha, worshiped on the banks of Manu and gave wreaths. Then Harinam Sankirtan and Mahaprasad were distributed.

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