October 26, 2021


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Long queue of voters at Amtali Golaghati Center

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Boxanagar: Apr 06: A long queue of voters has been formed since morning at some polling stations in 19 Amtali Golaghati. Long line of voters at the polling station from 5:30 in the morning.

The idea of most voters is to go home early in the morning to exercise their voting right. So there is a long line in the morning at booth No. 10 of 19 Amtali Golaghati Center. The total number of voters in booth No. 10 is 935. Voting is going on in Dharia Thal High School. There was some tension at 9:30 in the morning between Tipra Matha and BJP IPFT.

After that, the situation became normal when the police administration took strict action. However, there was some fear among the voters. Voting in booths 11 and 12 went smoothly. Booth 11 has 765 voters and Booth 12 has 829 voters. 982 voters in booth 13. Voting takes place at the Rangmala Village Committee office. Presiding Officer Kartik Chandra Das said the vote was peaceful. In the morning, Bud Rai Debbarma, a senior voter from Ramnagar Khamarbari area, came walking with a stick in his hand to cast his vote. He is now 90 years old. He did not hesitate to exercise his democratic rights. He cross the hilly path of about one and a half kilometers and go to the polls.

Peaceful voting is going on in 3 booth centers in Boxnagar block area. There are 3 ADC villages in Boxnagar block area of Sonamura subdivision. It is learned that 35% of the total voters of Dayalpara ADC Village Vijayanagar and Dhanirampur Village have been cast till 11 am.

The polling centers are Dayal Para Jharjala SB School, Dhanirampur Tribal High School, Vijayanagar SB School the booth centers has tight security of police and TSR and there are no problems or untoward incidents in the security work. However, CPM candidate Maya Rani Derbwama complained that her polling agent had been expelled. She is confident that she will win.

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