July 31, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Detained woman with fake notes of Rs 50,000

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Agartala: Apr 09: A woman named Ayesha Khatun of Rabindranagar area, Sonamura was arrested with fake notes of Rs 50,000. While depositing at Sonamura SBI Bank, the bank staff noticed these counterfeit notes.

According to sources, Ayesha Khatun had a conversation with Joynal Abedin of the area to sell her house. Joynal Abedin paid Ayesha Khatun one lakh 50 thousand rupees to buy this house. Ayesha Khatun came to Sonamura State Bank of India this morning with a total of 2 lakh 45000 rupees including one lakh rupees she had.

When Ayesha Khatun deposited the money at the State Bank deposit counter and inserted the money checking machine, it seems a bundle of 500 rupees which was completely fake. When the matter came to the notice of the bank, the bank manager Kundu Sobha examined the money in the bank. After that he finally handed over the woman along with the money to the police at Sonamura police station. A case has been registered with Sonamura police station and took a case against the woman under 489b / 489c ipc. The woman was later sent to Sonamura court.

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