August 2, 2021


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Deficit budget will bring down the state: Congress

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Agartala: Mar 22: The Pradesh Congress reacted to the presentation of this year’s budget. Today in a press conference Pradesh Congress leader Manik Deb said that the BJP and the IPFT coalition government have no direction on employment, the main problem of the state, in the budget.

He further said that Tripura ranks eighth in the country in unemployment and Tripura tops the northeast. There is no clear statement in this budget about law and order and protection of women in the state. This budget of the government is against the peasant students-youth employees and the backward people.

Deb said that the governor said the commercial environment has improved in the state but it is important to improve law and order to improve the commercial environment. Murder, suicide and terrorism are on the rise in different parts of the state and the budget has a deficit of Rs 773 crore.The tribal deprived government of the state could not show any development to the people of the state in three years.

The government is not even close to the vision document but the BJP – IPFT government needed to give the most importance to unemployment, he said.

Deb said in the conference there is no infrastructure in the tourism sector of the state but in the budget the Chief Minister says the government will develop the tourist centers.

Deb again said that 50% shortage of doctors and health workers in the state, the Chief Minister said in the budget session that the government will develop the health sector. Testing machines in Agartala city hospitals are almost out of order. The same situation is needed for quality education in schools.

But the state government is sending reports to Delhi and promoting quality education. Improving the quality of education has not been seen in practice.

50% of the 22 general degree colleges in the state do not have teachers. 19 colleges do not have principals but the government continues to falsely promote quality education, he said.

He added that in the 22 months of this government, 1782 women have gone missing in the state, meaning there is no mention of establishing law and order in the state.

Similarly, there is no mention of rise in  commodity prices and collapse of ration items. Consumers have not been getting pulses in rations for the last two months.

Therefore, the Pradesh Congress condemned  the budget which is against the public interest of the government.

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