October 18, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

CPIM party office vendalised and set on fire

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Agartala: Apr 13: An atmosphere of terror has prevailed across the state since the announcement of the results of the TTAADC election. No one, from a pregnant woman to a child, escaped the onslaught of the perpetrators.

Violent activities like vandalism of houses, setting fire to party offices etc. are going on in the state but the administration is still playing a silent role. In the midst of all this, the office of C P I M Jogendra Nagar Local Committee was vandalised and set on fire.

Office furniture and doors and windows were vandalized. On the same day, Samar Chakraborty, a member of the Jogendranagar CPIM local committee/, told the media “there can be no opposition in the state, this party office has been attacked 5 times, a couple of people will sit and talk and they can’t stand it either”. On this day, he appealed to the administration to arrest the miscreants and punish them severely.

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