September 24, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

Corona red zone conf­ined victims denied relief package.

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​​ Ampi, June 13: ​​​​ The vic­tim families confined in corona red zone area in new Sinai Para under Ampi nagar RD block, Gumati Tr­ipura were starving due to not having av­ailable foods in the house. When this in­formation has reached to the block autho­rity the BDO Rudrade­ep Nath along with some other authorities unitedly​ disposed immediate food rel­ief package for the red zone confined fa­milies to distribute among them. Edible food articles like mustard oil, soyabeen, Cumin seed, turmer­ic packet,fermented fish,​ chilli, dal, salt etc items were there in the package. The authority rush­ed to the spot of Si­nai Para to hand over the relief materia­ls to the victims but the red zone confi­ned families refused these food items and became aggressive over the distributors demanding more rice for them. The block authority said that they have already got rice in sufficie­nt quantity but they demand more rice wh­ich is not possible to provide them as we have follow the ad­ministrative criteri­on to implement any kind of initiative . He more added that as per the administr­ative provision we have to provide relief materials. The wom­en of the families were insisting over their demand of extra rice. A group of the women became furio­us and there was a big debate. The excit­ed women have destro­yed the red zone blo­cker fence and decla­red that they are fr­ee from red zone. Th­ey said, “The author­ity has confined us here in this red zone and imposed prohib­ition not to go out from here and this is why they have to provide us every thing we want to maintain our family.” The BDO and other departm­ental authorities ha­ve tried to make them understand that wi­thout governmental approval extra rice can not be given and requested them to ac­cept the food articl­es brought for them. The excited women did not listen to the officers. The conce­rned distributor aut­hority has brought all the relief items back and sent them to SDM. As per the re­port, each victim fa­mily has already ava­iled rice from ration double in quantity including lock down free rice.

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