August 2, 2021


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BJP govt to make Tripura self-reliant

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Agartala: Mar 22. BJP-IPFT government want to make the state self-reliant and self-sufficient to make Tripura a model state.

The Governor Ramesh Bais also said in his inaugural address to the assembly on March 19 that Tripura must first become self-reliant in order to become a model state said Education Minister Ratanlal Nath said this while discussing the motion of thanks on the Governor’s speech in the second half of the Assembly session today.

Nine MLAs from the Treasury Bench and four MLAs from the Opposition discussed the motion of thanks. After the discussion, the amendment proposals brought by the opponents on the motion of thanks were rejected and the motion of thanks was accepted.

Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath highlighted what the state government had done in the last three years, what is the vision and direction of the state government, which was reflected in the governor’s speech.

Along with the Prime Minister, the state government is also implementing this policy of development. The state government is working to make Tripura a model state.

Nath said that about 30,000 teachers in the state have already been trained under the new education policy (NEP). The NCERT authorities have also praised the way they are being trained. The training system of teachers in the state will be adopted as a model and training will be arranged all over the country.

The education minister said that the amount of own resources in the state has increased by three percent in the last three years.

“Tripura is becoming self-sufficient. The previous government did not want Tripura to be self-sufficient. They have always done the politics of dependency”, Nath added.

He further said that the present government has introduced 45 reforms in the field of education to expand complex education. He also mentioned the construction of 16 more private residential schools in state and dormitories in Shillong.

Discussing the motion of thanks on the Governor’s speech, MLA Bhagban Das said the new government has launched more than 20 flagship schemes for the overall welfare of the people of the state in the last three years.

Also present on the Governor’s speech were Treasury Bench MLA Rampada Jamatia, MLA Shambhulal Chakma, MLA Prashant Debbarma, MLA Sudhanshu Das, MLA Ashish Das, MLA Arun Kanti Bhowmik, MLA Mimi Majumder spoke on National Education Policy, Prime Minister Kishan Saman Nidhi in detail. Besides, MLA Badal Choudhury, MLA Tapan Chakraborty, MLA Joshbhir Tripura and MLA Bijita Nath discussed the Governor’s speech.

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