September 24, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

“All the promises given by BJP are false”: Manik Sarkar

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Agartala: Apr 01: People from three years of experience are attending CPIM meetings at ADC. This means that a new wind has started blowing in the state. Opposition leader Manik Sarkar said this while attacking the present BJP government in the state.

Making the state a full-fledged state was a struggle in which people from both ethnic and tribal groups participated. The reactionary forces conspired with the aim of dividing the tribes. But when democracy develops, success comes in the right direction,said Sarkar.

In reality, the CPIM was able to bring about an atmosphere of peace. Later district councils were formed and CPIM formed autonomous district councils in 8 districts. But they need to understand that nothing happened during the reign except digging ponds in a few areas. Currently those who are talking about Greater Tripura Land do not know it.

He also said that the BJP government in the state was trying to strangle for three-years. All the promises made by the present government have not been fulfilled in three years. The daily work of the state has come down to 32 days during the tenure of the present government.

Manik Sarkar accused the present government of giving false information to cover up their failures. He said they were declaring war on the tribes, no new promises, no employment.

Tribal areas have experienced the biggest food crisis but the government has no role to play. This is what the opposition leader Manik Sarkar alleged in front of the journalists.

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