September 24, 2021


জনদর্পণ জনতার– প্ল্যাটফর্ম

10323 teachers stage demonstration: police detained them all

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Agartala: June 27: on Sunday, the sacked teachers had decided to hold a demonstration in the city and pay their respects to the deceased teachers. But after asking the police administration for permission on Saturday, the police administration did not give them permission for the Corona situation.

But disregarding the rules of the police administration, the dismissed teachers started gathering in the Jagannath Bari area including Rabindra Shatavarshiki Bhavan on Sunday morning. But the police picked up the sacked teachers and detained them. The next time the fired teachers could not even do the program. Which is considered completely illegal in a democratic state said the fired teachers. So they complained against the government, saying that the government was treating them completely inhumanely.

The police are not allowed to do it till the tribute ceremony. So far, 104 dismissed teachers have died. Dismissed teacher Kamal Deb drew the attention of the government to how many teachers lose their teachers and the arrogant government wakes up. However, one of the sacked teachers complained against the government, saying that the CPIM government was not humane towards 10,323, nor was the current BJP-IPFT coalition government humane. The government is only doing injustice to them. Because 10,323 dismissed teachers got jobs in the same recruitment policy, in 2012, teachers in the science department got jobs in the same recruitment policy.

But surprisingly, after the 2010 recruitment policy, 56 unemployed people filed cases in the court. The next time those unemployed were not given jobs. But after giving jobs in the science department in 2012, then the CPIM government gave jobs to those who filed lawsuits. Although the government conducted DLEd courses for science teachers in 2012 in accordance with the rules and regulations, in 2010, 10,323 people who got jobs under the same recruitment policy were sent to the Supreme Court instead of DLEd courses. But at the time of appointing 10,323 people to the job in 2010, MLA Sudip Roy Barman told to the CPIM government not to commit irregularities in the employment sector so that an all-party meeting could be held  and before the 2018 elections, BJP state in-charges Sunil Deodhar and Hemant Bishwasharma were brought to the state. they assured that they will look into the matter if the BJP government establishes the state. But the then CPIM government did not listen to MLA Sudip Roy Barman. The next time, 10,323 teachers, led by Sudip Roy Barman, took to the field for under the banner of the BJP government without voting for the Left government.

But when the BJP government was formed in the state in 2018, the state education minister Ratan Lal Nath was approached by 10,323 teachers. The education minister told 10,323 teachers that since Sudip Roy Barman had promised, they should go to Sudip Roy Barman. In other words, just as the state is being cornered with the sacked teachers, MLA Sudip Roy Barman is also being cornered, the sacked teacher alleged. They  added that the MLA was going home to greet the science teachers after they became regulars. While 10,323 dismissed teachers have been suffering from shortage of jobs for the last 15 months, no one is even going to the homes of the dismissed teachers to look for them. On the same day, the sacked teachers sharply criticized the government after seeing such incidents in the police administration. Because recently the leaders of various political parties including the ruling party and the opposition have been holding programs in the city. But on Sunday, the state police was so active in the law.

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